Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You will be able to see the number of people who downloaded your whitepaper from our website and from other sources such as social media in the dashboard.
The review process after submission of your whitepaper takes between 48 and 72 hours. Upon approval of the whitepaper, the process and timelines will be delineated according to the package you selected.
Currently we accept whitepapers in four categories: Information Technology, Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources. We plan to add other categories as demand for such categories increases.
Yes. You can see the options available on our Submission Plans page. Pricing and ordering details will be available on your dashboard after your whitepaper has been published.
The Standard option is free and includes one whitepaper submission a month along with the benefits listed on our Submission Plans page. The Enterprise plan is designed for companies that wish to publish several papers a month. There is a monthly fee based on number of papers and users, but it includes the same benefits as the Standard option, as well as an Admin Dashboard for tracking papers and users, plus we assign an Account Manager to provide personal support.
Contact information for people who download your whitepapers and respond to your promotional campaigns are available. Please contact us for the rate.
Yes we do. Contact us for more details on how we can help you launch successful campaigns.
Yes. This is an option within the Standard and Enterprise plans.
We do our best to ensure you have a successful campaign, but we can’t guarantee how many people will download your whitepaper.
Yes. We do offer writing services for whitepapers. Please contact us to discuss your whitepaper writing needs. 
Once published, your whitepaper will remain on our website until we feel the information may be out of date. You can also ask us to remove it at any time.
Yes. We develop e-newsletters and email campaigns as optional promotional services in the Standard and Enterprise plans.
Besides being able to submit more than one paper a month, you also get a more detailed dashboard, continuous SEO optimization, and access to contact details for users who download your whitepaper (at an additional cost). The Enterprise plan also includes an Admin Dashboard that gives you more options than the Standard dashboard.
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You can submit one whitepaper a month on the Standard plan. If you wish to submit more than five a month, we suggest you contact us about the Enterprise plan.
No, we also accept other forms of informational and research content as long as they are in PDF form, including market research, industry reports, surveys, case histories, etc. Contact us for more details.
If you have any questions or concerns before completing the submission process, please go to our contact us page.

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