Submission Guidelines

All whitepapers submitted for publishing consideration must first adhere to the guidelines set here. Whitepapers should be written with the specific intent of informing or persuading readers to solve a business problem, address a business challenge, or provide new information, processes, techniques, or procedures that are beneficial within the industry.


Currently, we accept whitepapers in the following categories:

  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Information Technology

Other categories for whitepapers will be added to this list as demand increases.


All whitepapers submitted to will be checked for plagiarism (including self-plagiarism). If a whitepaper is found to be plagiarized in any way, the whitepaper will automatically be rejected. Before submitting a whitepaper, users will need to check the box to affirm the whitepaper is not plagiarized.


All sources must be appropriately identified and noted within the whitepaper document. The source information may be placed in either the footnote formatting at the end of the accompanying page or in reference formatting at the end of the entire document. If a whitepaper is found to have directly quoted or paraphrased material without appropriate sources, the whitepaper might be accepted under condition and returned to the user for appropriate source references to be added.


The only file formats we currently accept are PDF. To help ensure correct formatting, please use the standard (8.5" x 11") page margins for your whitepaper PDF. Please ensure figures, images, tables, videos, fonts, colors, or any other external materials are appropriately embedded within the PDF before submission.


You have the option of writing your own description or we will write one for you. If you are providing the description, it is important to write one that is meaningful, relevant, and connects well to your whitepaper. The length should be between 250 to 700 words for optimal SEO effectiveness. Three to seven primary keywords should also be included within your description.


Upon submission of your whitepaper, users must affirm that they own the copyright for their material and/or that full or partial copyright (including to publish) has been granted to them. does not own or purchase copyright from users. Upon submission of your whitepaper, you give permission to publish your whitepaper for download form and promote in accordance with the package or upgrades selected at the time of purchase. Before submitting a whitepaper, users will need to check the box to affirm they own the copyright to the whitepaper's materials.

Fair Use

While other people cannot steal your whitepaper, the Fair Use doctrine allows for some exceptions mostly within the realm of scholarly or educational purposes. For other purposes such as writing reviews or citing for references, other people may use your whitepaper material, in excerpt form, while giving credit to you. is not responsible for any external use of your whitepaper by registered or non-registered users.

Review our whitepaper submission plans and
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