Why Submit Your Whitepaper?

Whitepapers are among the most popular methods for companies to share information and knowledge with their buyers, vendors, and customers. In most cases, it is aimed at assisting industry leaders in making decisions about a product or service, highlighting a company's strengths in a given area, or showing authority in a specific niche.

Submitting and publishing your whitepaper through OnlineWhitepapers.com will provide the following benefits:


Lead Generation

This is likely one of the more obvious reasons for producing and distributing a whitepaper. Whitepapers contain both educational and informative content, and therefore, have a high conversion rate. Learning combined with persuasion to take action makes whitepapers one of the best marketing tools.



OnlineWhitepapers.com posts papers in a PDF format, which is searchable by Google and other search engines. Plus, we provide a 700-word description with keywords related to your topic, and apply aggressive SEO tactics designed to pull potential readers to our site and your whitepaper page.


Builds Brand Image

Not all whitepapers are the same. While some are used for persuasion, others are used to build brand image and company reputation. At the end of the whitepaper, writing a brief about your company can help explain to readers what you do and how you can help them advance in their business.


Content Enhancement

Whitepapers can be adapted into multiple forms of digital media that can help boost brand recognition and increase sales. That includes videos, blogs, webcasts, infographics, podcasts, interviews, and much more. If you need someone to adapt your paper, contact us. Our creative team can help.


Data and Analytics

OnlineWhitepapers.com provides you with a dashboard that tracks whitepaper performance. It shows number of downloads, views, geography, and optional social media and promotional campaign results. You even have the option of accessing contact details of the readers who selected your paper.


Social Media Marketing

Besides publishing your whitepaper, OnlineWhitepapers.com offers social media posts and optional paid campaigns that help expose your paper to readers on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. These are designed to help increase your potential whitepaper downloads.

OnlineWhitepapers.com exists to help you and your company increase traffic, spread expertise, generate leads, and build relationships. No matter the size of your company, providing compelling and in-depth information can prove to your target audience that you can help them solve problems, drive engagement, and urge action.


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